Representative Areas of Law

The law office provides clients with a range of legal services in the areas of wills, trusts, estates & tax planning, health care and testamentary directives, guardianships, conservatorships, real estate and landlord and tenant matters. A short list of the representative matters we’ve undertaken for clients:


  • WILLS, TRUSTS & ESTATE PLANNING. Preparation of complex and simple wills, revocable living trusts, insurance trusts, family trusts, gun trusts, charitable trusts, trusts for minors and adults with special needs, estate tax planning, beneficiary planning, and asset cataloguing. Handling estate planning issues for recently divorced persons, members of the LGBT community, spouses who are recently widowed, and members of the armed forces.
  • HEALTH CARE DIRECTIVES, POA’S, LIVING WILLS. Preparation of documents designating health care surrogate or attorneys-in-fact, durable powers of attorney, living wills (DNR’s), designations of pre-need guardians for adults and minors, cremation orders, funeral planning and organ donation directives. The firm also prepares child med-health authorizations and miscellaneous directives for parents who may be traveling and leaving their children with a loved one or who may be sending their children abroad and require documents showing that the accompanying adult is authorized to take action for the minor during emergencies.
  • GUARDIANSHIPS / CONSERVATORSHIPS. Representing clients in petitioning the court for appointment as conservator or guardian over a minor, adult or developmentally challenged individual. Representation of family members in contested guardianship and conservatorship proceedings over a loved one.
  • LANDLORD & TENANT. Representation of commercial and residential landlords in eviction/ejectment proceedings against tenants. Preparation & negotiation of commercial and residential lease agreements. Handling property management issues with contractors, municipal violations and citations, and taxing issues. Apologies, but the office does not and cannot represent residential tenants in matters against their landlord.
  • PROBATE ADMINISTRATION. Representing clients in petitioning the court for administration of an estate and marshaling the case throughout the administration process through the distribution and discharge phases. Representation of interested parties in probate proceedings to supervise and/or challenge the proceedings in court.
  • COMMERCIAL & BUSINESS LAW.  Preparation and filing of annual reports, creation of new business entities, preparation and negotiation of operating agreements for partners, shareholders and members, preparation of yearly reports and meeting agendas, handling shareholder or partner issues, negotiation and preparation of complex agreements between clients and a third party, representation of clients in general human resource-related matters, business litigation and collections.
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